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About this website
Since 1978 Islamic revolution in Iran, the Persian ladies so called the Iranian women are suffering the fanatic Islamists more than any time and they are facing discriminations 2 times more than the gentlemen.
We try to refelect their voices, the Persian ladies want liberty and they want to have their freedom of choice.

  • Feeling good but still a bit stressed
  • No one has the right to decide what we have to wear
  • I deserve to reach my right to have freedom of clothing
  • I don't like the hijab!
  • Let me live as I please
  • Why don't you help us to raise our voice louder
  • As a woman...
  • Leave people to wear whatever they like
  • If freedom could sing a song...if...
  • Recognise and respect our right
  • Freedom is in our heart
  • Our society needs peace and respect
  • Let me be what I am!
  • Iranian women deserve respect
  • There's no pleasure beyond Freedom
  • i feel the breeze in my hair
  • A good day will come
  • One day it will be outside
  • Dance in the middle of the fighting!
  • Pool party in Tehran
  • I hope one day we see freedom
  • freedom is wonderfully enjoyable
  • Tolerate these few moments of freedom
  • The women of this land hate to be forced
  • This is the reality of our life in Iran
  • One day soon freedom will blow in like a hurricane
  • Should we laugh or cry?
  • I want to be myself
  • I owe myself freedom
  • Here, being a woman, needs a brave heart!
  • Freedom has got broad meanings
  • I'm scared of nobody
  • Don't judge a woman's modesty based on hijab
  • Let women be as free as men are
  • We're Just two steps away from freedom
  • I hope the whole world hears our voice
  • I will build my life the way I want
  • Brave lady persia
  • I say no to hijab
  • I don't feel secure with Iran's Police
  • Hijab is only based on ignorant beliefs and preference
  • Freedom of thought and peace of mind
  • We are encaged
  • Dancing is like a protest
  • I wish for freedom...
  • Be free as much as you like
  • Freedom is wonderfully enjoyable
  • We don't know how it feels to be free
  • My moments of freedom have always been full of fear
  • Change starts from ourselves
  • You can't subjugate me
  • No words to convey how this freedom feels
  • Wherever I get a chance, I allow wind caresses my hair
  • This body's mine!
  • Because they say it must
  • I want to speak, but shortly
  • Enough oppression of women!
  • I will finally experience freedom
  • I have a deam, a dream of freedom
  • The power of women gathering together is huge
  • Let the scarf fly in the Wind
  • When you're a woman, they will judge you
  • I guess they think of women's freedom too
  • We deserve to decide our own future
  • Hoping this becomes something of the norm in Iran
  • Hijab is the result of wrong way of thinking
  • First steps...
  • I'd like to live freely
  • I support women's freedom of choice
  • I don't like mandatory hijab
  • My laughter is a crime here
  • My freedom on top of the fifth Tochal station
  • My biggest dream is...
  • Standing up against mandatory hijab
  • Happiness comes when no women is a danger to her country
  • Freedom means...
  • This law is humiliating for women
  • No one should be forced to wear the hijab
  • Be free to feel the snow, sun, rain and wind in your hair
  • Hope for a justice and better life!
  • Hoping for freedom
  • Our fight as women starts from our homes
  • FREEDOM will come!
  • Lady persia in Mazandaran
  • I can't explain how i feel
  • I'm tired of all the injustices
  • Mother earth is the only place there are no forces
  • Freedom should be a given
  • We should be able to taste the feeling of freedom
  • I'll do all my best for making this freedom real

  • Pictures of Iranian beautiful girls against Hijab

    عکس دختران زیبای ایرانی در مبارزه با حجاب اجباری

    I wish we had never grown up
    Heaven is where freedom is
    We deserve to be free
    Viva all the girls

    Lady Persia دختر آزاد ایران